Breast Augmentation

We get thousands of visitors wondering about the possibilities that breast augmentation offers. We provide a general overview of the surgery here, and additional information to answer some of the questions most commonly asked.


Many different physical issues are addressed through augmentation mammoplasty, the surgical augmentation of the breasts to refine their shape and size. Dilemmas include:



Small breasts out of proportion with hips and body frame


Lopsided breasts that do not match


Loss of firmness or fullness after breastfeeding


Change of shape or tone of the breasts following weight loss


Injury or cancer surgery


Naturally occurring breast development abnormalities

Whether your dissatisfaction in your breast size or shape is something new or a lifelong issue, the surgeons at Dr Storm Plastic Surgery understand how intertwined body shape and self-confidence can be. We take those feelings into account and tailor a solution customized for each client who seeks help in our office. No two patients are alike.

Those desiring breast enlargement have several breast implant options. We offer the latest in surgical technique, as well as high-end saline and silicone implants, which come in various sizes and shapes. 


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